Hard.Point places you in control of an adaptable battle tank that use pieces from destroyed enemy vehicles to gain new abilities in a mission to search and destroy 3 super machines.
6 type of enemy vehicles, 3 bosses and 7 type of devices to install on tank.
This is a hard game and will require strategical thinking in choosing and hunting the right equipment to each step of the mission.

This game started at 28º Ludum Dare (48 hours game creation) competition. After that its development took place from 01/2014 to 03/2014.



Move tank with WASD keys, target cannon with mouse and shoot with left mouse button. When you get a device from an enemy you can switch to this device with right mouse button. Full instructions at game intro.

Version history

* Restart on game over and victory screens (click)
* Increased chances of helicopters to drop rotors when destroyed
* Strategical notes now appears along with some other bonus instead of alone

* Initial release

Future: ideas and suggestions from players

* Radar/minimap (maybe as another upgrade)
* Fighter aircrafts - fly at random over the islands and drop bombs
* New upgrade: wings and jet (another way to fly (beside rotors), jet uses energy)
* High scores